One80 Gladiator III + Dartboard

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One80 Gladiator III + Dartboard

4 reviews for One80 Gladiator III + Dartboard

  1. Cody (verified owner)

    I started out with the Blade 5, and when it was worn past the point of usefulness I decided to try the G3 as a lot of people online swear by it. I’ve only had it a month and a half but so far, well for starters its much nicer looking than the Blade, mine has effectively no veins appearing in the sisal so that alone is a big improvement in appearance. Looks much cleaner. I practice daily and the board definitely shows use but nothing serious. I turn it about once or twice a week. I only remove one star for the bundled rubber feet that go on the back, they are a bit troublesome and I would recommend buying the rotafix or some other similar system for mounting the board

  2. G Zoomer Horncastle (verified owner)

    Very good fit and finish, stunning appearance. Very quiet board as well. I too would recommend a different mounting bracket, although the traditional system works well enough. I put a white number ring on, which compliments the board a bit better than the supplied silver one. Smurf and One80 rock!

  3. Kerry Way (verified owner)

    Fantastic Board and Have been pounding this one for almost 6 months. Holds up great and very durable. Triples are still great and color hasn’t much change. Recommend this board to anyone. I mount with the upgraded system sold here and Its amazing to just slip it on in its groove. Well worth the cost

  4. Sean Lane (verified owner)

    The Gladiator one80 is a fantastic board. I have recommended it to many people who are loving the board as well. Make your next purchase a Gladiator, you won’t be disappointed.

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