Target RVB 95% Swiss Point Darts Gen 4 23 gr


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RVB 95% Swiss Point Darts

The RVB95 Generation 4 dart, marking RVB’s return to the PDC. This 95% tungsten range has been designed to Raymond’s exact specifications. The 5 X World Champion is the epitome of passion & pride. A collector of prized object’s, Ray’s eye for detail is evident from point to flight in the RVB95 Generation 4.  The gently front-loaded barrel encompasses three grips; knurling, milling and radial grooves which is overlaid with both black and gold PVD performance coating, providing an unrivalled grip and feel.

What’s in the box?
3 x RVB 95 G4 Dart Barrels
3 x Heli TI Shafts
3 x RVB G4 No.6 Flights
3 x 26mm Black Swiss Fire Points (steel tip only)
1 x Swiss Point Tool (steel tip only)


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